The 10 No -So-Obvious Mistakes About Fat Loss

Fat loss! It’s really what most of us are ultimately after isn’t it? Sure we may have different goals along the life of our fitness journey; things like more muscular development, enhanced strength and the like, but when it all comes full circle, the majority of us want to be lean … very lean. We want to see our abs. We want muscle definition. We’re after a certain eye-catching ‘look’. There’s just something about a lean, sleek body that turns heads every time. In a land of physical mediocrity it makes you stand out in a crowd. People notice. It makes you ‘different’ from the average person and there’s something about being in great physical shape that’s empowering. And really, who wants to be average anyway? Stop and imagine the next time you find yourself heading to the beach or on a hot vacation and that confident feeling that would come with stripping down to your swimsuit and knowing you’re in great shape. Not just good shape, but great shape. You’ve got nothing to hide. Trouble spots? You don’t have any. People see you and they know you work out. Why? Because the evidence is obvious and the fruits of your labor are apparent in your appearance.

So why aren’t more people successful in their quest for a dramatic body transformation? The gyms are full of apparently hard-working people, and yet, for some reason in many cases, you’d be hard-pressed to believe some of these people spend so much time in the gym if you’d walked by them on the street or saw them on the beach. Why?

The first problem is that it’s not just about effort. You could be giving 100% effort on every aspect of your program, but if your program isn’t optimized for a fat-loss body transformation, it’s like riding a stationary bike and expecting to get somewhere. You’re working hard on something that isn’t designed to generate results. You’re working hard doing the wrong thing. If you’re serious about not only getting in great shape, but getting in the best shape of your life, you first and foremost need to set some concrete goals.

Setting concrete goals forces you to create a meaningful deadline, to realize there will be a cost to you (time, self control, etc), and it commits you to working towards and achieving these goals. That’s step one. Again, remember you could put all the effort in the world into your body-transformation program, but if you’re still making critical fat-loss mistakes, you’re going to once again find yourself spinning your wheels. If you really want to transform your body and what you’re doing isn’t working, then you simply can’t continue along the path you’re on. Things have to change.

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