Allen Livingston


Ashlye. At the time I was a student, and like most students, I drank a lot of beer and ate too much Whataburger. Once I joined the real world and got a job, I decided that I needed to make some changes. You see, my family has a history of heart

attacks, and at one point I got up to 265 lbs, so basically I had one foot in the grave.

The first time I met Ashlye, she asked me what I liked to eat and do for fun. I explained to her that I’m a meat, potatoes, and beer kinda guy, and the most running I had done over the last few years was to the refrigerator and back during TV
commercials. With that, she helped me set up a food journal and explained to me, not what to eat, but how to eat, and how to make smart decisions when choosing foods. She said diets don’t work, they are a waste of time. And that I could continue to drink beer, just to make smarter decisions about when and how much to drink. The next week, we started working out once a week, and I would replicate the same workouts at least two more times by myself at the gym. Anytime I had a question about how to do an exercise, I could go ask her, and she was more than willing to help. She motivated me to keep up with my food journal, and she found ways to really push me while working out. But most importantly, she got to know me on a more personal level. She really cared about me and it made a world of difference when working out.

From there, I eventually joined her workout group, and met some more awesome people just like Ashlye. It was a different kind of working out, you had other people to share in the joy and pain of working out together, and we all quickly became friends. We tease Ashlye and say, for two to three hours a week we hate you, but we love you the rest of the time! That’s because she has a unique way of knowing what your limits are, and knows how to push the right buttons to get you to accomplish that goal you are striving for.

Finally, I ended up losing about 60 lbs, but have since been able to add a good bit of muscle. I don’t really care about the weight, all I know is that I feel great, and I’m healthy. I had to work hard to get here, but I wouldn’t have been able to without the help of my friend, Ashlye.

Age 32 · Agricultural Consultant · Lost 60 lbs.!


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