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For those that like a larger group, I offer Boot Camp. These sessions are 60-minutes of fat blasting, strength building, endurance enhancing, confidence building fun. High energy exercises alternating between individual and group activity keep the group moving. No one gets left behind and as each exercise is demonstrated in a way that it can be performed at any fitness level.

What Are Classes Like?

A typical workout includes an warm-up and ice-breaker so you feel ready and welcomed! Next I’ll jump into a variety of individual and group exercises (including free weight and body weight training, metabolic conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training, and the latest in exercise science) for 60-minutes of fat blasting, strength building, endurance enhancing, mind transforming, confidence building fun.constantly changing individual and group aerobic and strength building exercises with built in rest intervals.

The energy will remain extremely high! Every exercise will be explained and demonstrated first and  I will keep an eye on form and proper execution. Safety first!

Most exercises will include variations for different fitness and experience levels. No one gets left behind!

What Kinds of Results Can I expect?

The program is designed to meet you at your current level of fitness and take you from there.

Whether you’re someone who has never exercised regularly before or an athlete needing to break through a training plateau, I’ll make sure you see improvements and results.  I’ll also make sure you feel comfortable and confident about what you’re doing.

If you join the Fit U Boot Camp, attend regularly, and give it your best, you will:

  • Have fun, gain strength, stamina, and energy, and sleep better!
  • Burn fat and increase muscle tone (we have members who have lost 8-10 lbs in less than two months)
  • Have improved flexibility
  • See an overall improvement in your mood and outlook

Camp times

MWF 5:15 am
Tue & Thurs 6:30 pm

I offer  2x/wk or unlimited camps
Located at Mary Branch Elem/Park off W Villa Maria

Bring water, towel or mat and weights (recommend 8-10lb set for women and 10-15lb set for men)

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed and a customized fitness and nutrition program that Fits U, contact Ashlye for a free, no-risk consultation to determine the right program to fit your budget, your lifestyle, and your fitness and nutrition goals

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