About Trainer Ashlye

Use this for AshlyeHowdy! Welcome to Fit U Training. I have been training since 1996, and recognize the special opportunity I have when my clients entrust me with two of their most valued possessions – their health and their time. I believe in empowering my clients to make healthy choices by building their confidence, their bodies, and their power.

With an emphasis on safe and effective exercise programs tailored to the goals and abilities of each individual, I keep the body physically challenged, the mind stimulated, and the workouts fun and refreshing. It is truly about working smarter and not harder!

Keeping up with the latest advances in the rapidly changing fitness industry, I provide my clients a complete package to achieve sustainable results through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. I commit 100% to my clients and expect them to commit 100% to the plan we develop together. This approach allows me to provide focused and individualized attention to each of my clients. We are a team – TEAM YOU!!!!

Making people better, stronger, and more confident is my passion, and no matter how successful or unsuccessful someone has been with exercise programs or diets in the past, I know I can help every client realize true success by working together to achieve his or her goals.  In fact, I’m so passionate about ensuring YOU find success, I provide a 100% money back guarantee. Through sustainable and effective workout programs, I make the most of your time and put you on a path to a healthier lifestyle – one where you are strong enough and have enough energy to enjoy life. It’s about not just adding years to your life, but life to your years.

I look forward to showing you how you can achieve a healthier, more confident you!


  • B.S. Kinesiology, Texas A&M University, 2002
  • American Council of Exercise (ACE), 1996
  • APEX Nutrition Certified
  • Les Mills Kickboxing Certified

Mission Statement

When given by a client the opportunity to touch their lives with something as life-changing as a fitness program can be, I take my responsibility to fulfill their expectations seriously. I want to give them MORE than they expect. I want every workout to be a unique experience; I want it to be challenging; I want it to be fun; I want it to be safe and I also want it to be educational.

With an emphasis on safe and effective execution, I will progressively introduce a wide variety of appropriate goal specific exercises. Keeping the body physically challenged to achieve maximum results, while also providing the mental stimulation to keep workouts both refreshing and fun!


I’ve been training since 1996 and I wish I had known a ME back then…it would have saved me a lot of guilt, injuries, and time…not to mention giving me back more happiness in my life.  I thought the more sacrifice, the more return…but ultimately, all I got was sacrifice.  You don’t have to diet and work out for hours a day to get good results….you truly have to be smarter not harder.

Commitment ,Effective workouts, Sustainability,  AND having a life…That is how I plan EVERY client’s program…If I didn’t, then I would be wasting their time, investment, and emotional energy…and I WILL NOT DO THAT!! That is why I will always stand behind my 100% Results Satisfaction Guarantee.

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