A simple way to save some money during Christmas time

It’s Christmas time. People are buying gifts and people are looking for ways to save money.

Let me help you.

Stop buying “detox” products. They don’t work.

I repeat…they do not work.

Yes, there are “toxins” in the air but I’ve got great news for you…

If you have skin, a pancreas, a liver, kidneys, and drink water as well as eat a diet containing all the various micronutrients your body could ever need, you are detoxing 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for your lifetime.

Just because you binge eat or eat food you normally don’t eat, over consume on alcohol, or the various other reasons why one would “detox”, doesn’t mean the cayenne pepper, lemon juice, wheat grass, kale, fairy dust remedies will work because well, they don’t.

Try this: Ask the people selling you these products exactly “toxins” are they getting rid of, the mechanism of action that it does it, and is it superior to the bodies high-powered system. Ask for strong evidence supporting their claims.

My guess is they can’t provide it.

Oh, what about “all the weight” that was dropped? – Sure, you’ll lose weight while “detoxing” because you are consuming less calories than normal. Is it sustainable? No. It’s mostly water weight to begin with anyway.

See, I just saved you $49.99.


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