When given by a client the opportunity to touch their lives with something as life-changing as a fitness program can be, I take my responsibility to fulfill their expectations seriously. I want to give them MORE than they expect. I want every workout to be a unique experience; I want it to be challenging; I want it to be fun; I want it to be safe and I also want it to be educational.

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It is my passion to develop workouts that make you better, stronger and more confident, no matter where you begin.

Always Learning & Improving

The fitness industry is ever evolving and it is my mandate to further my knowledge in the field.  My desire to bring the latest advances in fitness and nutrition to my clients allows me to collaborate with the best in the business. This ensures my clients to are getting the fastest most sustainable results possible.


I commit myself to my clients 100%- always giving my best. I expect them to not only commit 100% to me, but also to themselves, to be the best most healthy person they can be.


I always speak the truth and keep my word. I am wise in my commitments so I don’t over commit myself. I only ever make agreements with myself and others that I am willing and intend to keep.


I am committed to empowering others health through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Empowerment is more than helping someone, it is giving them the power and confidence to make healthy choices on their own


When I came to see Ashlye I was at my last resort. I had already scheduled a gastric bypass surgery, but went to her consultation anyways. She told me that if I would just give her the one month before my scheduled surgery, and I didn’t see results, she would give me every single penny of my money back! I actually thought that was crazy for somebody to offer all the money back, but because of it, I thought “What the hell?” and gave it a shot. Sixty-five pounds lighter, with a much stronger body and healthier inside and out, I’m still going strong. Ashlye saved my life and taught me there’s more to life than a quick fix.

Age 46 · Attorney ·  Lost 65 lbs.!

Jody Rodriguez

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